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"When Songwriter and Recording Artist, Ross David, released his original acoustic song “Fire Burnin’” on YouTube, he was completely unprepared for the attention it would receive over the Internet. To Ross, the young, up-and-coming artist from Indiana, “Fire Burnin’” was “just another song” he wrote and enjoyed performing, but music lovers proved it was much more than that. The popularity of Ross’ videos and music spread rapidly, garnering millions of Spotify Streams through word-of-mouth alone.

People from all over the world, most of whom Ross has never even met, started posting videos of their own covers of the song, as well as videos of choreography performed to it.

Ross grew up and studied in the small town of, Terre Haute, IN. He has traveled throughout the United States and abroad, performing at venues from Eddie’s Attic with Ernie Halter in Atlanta, Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, to Can Simone in Spain and everything in-between. He has independently released six EPs, The Chicago Sessions, Heart Breaker, Love & War, Future Love, Run Before We Walk and In the End. His latest release is the single, "Dance with Me" in 2019.

Regardless of personal taste in musical genres, there is something so universally appealing about Ross David: he is a fun-loving, feel-good romantic. “I love to love,” he says. Ross gravitates towards romantic and sexy songs, but always in a soulful and tasteful way. His live performances facilitate a great time among the audience, while simultaneously his soft, soothing vocals and rhythmic guitar playing engrave a fluttery feeling of warmth into our hearts, providing an intimate connection with those who seek it."

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